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Bug Check FC and AB

Bug Check FC bacteria / mold - fungi test kit      Bug Check AB bacteria test kit           

Bug Check FC                                    Bug Check AB


Microbial Tests for hydrocarbon-based fluids, such as diesel, gasoline, hydraulic fluids and similar low-water-content or water-contaminated fluids.

Bug Check offers two choices Bug Check FC and Bug Check AB. Bug Check FC checks for both bacteria and fungi/mold. Bug Check AB checks for bacteria only. 

Even hydrocarbon based-fluids are susceptible to microbial contamination. It only takes a trace amount of water for bugs to grow. Even condensation on tanks walls is enough. Bugs (bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast and mold) grow in diesel fuel, gasoline, solvents and other similar low-water-content fluids. The use of Bug Check® FC and AB is a simple, easy and scientific way to determine microbial contamination levels.

Find out if your bugs are blooming before it’s too late. Bugs eat the complex organic molecules that make up hydrocarbon-based fluids and they are fast! Bacteria can grow (or “bloom”) at phenomenal speed - cells can divide every 20 minutes. At that rate, one "bug" will grow into 16 million cells in just 8 hours. The resulting high levels of contamination lead to fluid spoilage.

Microbial contamination in hydrocarbon-based fluids such as fuels and hydraulic fluids is difficult to detect without an appropriate microbial test kit. It causes significant and expensive operational problems including the bio-degradation of valuable fluid as well as microbial influenced corrosion, filter plugging, and sludge formation.

Bug Check FC and AB are microbial test kits that are specifically designed for determining bacterial and fungal contamination levels in distillate fuels and similar low-water-content fluids. Bug Check FC and AB are accurate and consistent bacteria test kits that make counting both total bacteria and total fungi simple and easy. 

Capture the convenience, security and power of getting results in hours versus the many days required when sending samples out. Find out for yourself on your site, what really is going on in your fuel by using Bug Check FC and or AB.

You do not have to be a microbiologist to use Bug Check FC or Bug Check AB.

Bug Check is a non-hazardous microbiological culture media. No hazard class label is required. 40 tests per box.

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