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About Us

About Us

  Established 1981  


Our mission is to help those in industry to bridge the gap between the relatively static physical worlds of chemistry and engineering with the living, ever changing world of microbiology.  Our aim is to make it easy and simple for a layperson to take that first step into the practical use of microbiology.

We at Avalon do this by providing industry simple scientific tests to quantitatively measure the amount of bacteria in your material.  Our Bug Check tests allow you to do the testing yourself - at your site - in a quick and affordable manner.  This allows you to know when and if remedial action is needed.

Avalon International has been providing quality control test kits since 1981.  All our test kits are hand inspected prior to shipping and come with our 100% guarantee.

Avalon’s 3 types of Bug Check® tests provide a simple, scientific way to monitor microbial contamination levels in various industrial processes. Regular testing allows you to take corrective action that prevents damage to your products, reduces equipment downtime and prevents employee health issues.

In addition, we provide Sump Soda coolant conditioner for the metalworking industry. Sump Soda prolongs coolant life, controls bacteria growth and eliminates foul odors.


Tale of Two Brothers 
Once upon a time, not long ago, there lived two brothers. 
One brother tested for bacteria, alas the other did not.
As time passed, bacteria grew, as they will do, and the brother who did not test had a bloom - a bloom of bacteria growth. A dark cloud then fell upon him: foul odor, product spoilage, decay and health concerns befell him and his. Worry and stress became his daily companions. The brother who tested had no worries.
Which brother are you?



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