3 Helpful Tips for First Time Users of Bug Check BF

3 Helpful Tips for First Time Users of Bug Check BF

  1. Do Not Freeze.

Store the Bug Check BF at room temperature and keep out of direct sunlight.

To maximize shelf life avoid extreme temperatures, i.e. keep from freezing and store below temperatures of a hundred degrees F. 


  1. Get Started On Baseline Testing.

For the first two to three weeks of testing you will need to test more frequently than normally to determine the base load of bacteria/fungi that is typical for your fluid.

How to determine your baseline:

Take two or three samples per week from each site you are monitoring.  Do this for a couple of weeks and record the results.

Now that you have established your baseline, the frequency of your testing can be reduced.  A weekly testing schedule is typical, i.e. dip on Friday, read on Monday.

When reading the test results, look for changes from the established baseline level to decide if corrective action is needed. 


  1. Be Consistent.

Be consistent when you perform the tests.When testing your fluid, keep the paddle submerged for the same length of time, about 2-3 seconds.

Always place the test tubes in the same location in the same room.

Make sure the room is always at a comfortable room temperature. This will contribute to consistent results.The use of an incubator can be helpful, but is not necessary.


If you have any questions regarding our bacteria/fungi tests, please feel free to email us at  info@bugcheck.us  or give us a call at  847-446-9986. We are always glad to help.
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