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Bug Check® BF - 10 Bacteria/Fungi Tests per Kit

Bug Check® BF - 10 Bacteria/Fungi Tests per Kit

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Bug Check BF Bacteria/Mold Test Kit 10 tests/box

10 bacteria/fungi tests per kit.
The simple easy-to-use bacteria test kit for counting total bacteria and fungi in all water-based fluids.

For use in metalworking fluids, e-coating systems, latex coatings and similar emulsions, adhesives, cooling tower water and industrial wash water, water-contaminated turbine oils, foundry core washes and many others.

Expect a 3-4 month shelf life upon delivery.


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>Simple    >Quick    >Easy-to-Use    >Self-Contained 

It's better to be safe, than sorry.  With Bug Check® test kits you can find out for yourself ON-SITE what is really going on in your fluids.

Sump Soda® foul ends odor. If you find you have Bugs (bacteria, mold, and fungi) don't worry. Extends coolant life!  Stops bacteria!  Prevents health issues!  Compatible with all major metalworking fluids.