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Bug Check SRB - 25 Bacteria Tests

Bug Check SRB - 25 Bacteria Tests

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Bug Check SRB Bacteria Test Kit 25 tests per box.

Bacteria Test kit used to count sulfate-reducing bacteria (anaerobic bacteria) typically found in stagnant fluids with low levels of oxygen. Typical symptom: rotten-egg odor.


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>Simple    >Quick    >Easy-to-Use    >Self-Contained 

It's better to be safe, than sorry.  With Bug Check test kits you can find out for yourself ON-SITE what is really going on in your fluids.

Sump Soda foul ends odor. If you find you have Bugs (bacteria, mold, and fungi) don't worry. Extends coolant life!  Stops bacteria!  Prevents health issues!  Compatible with all major metalworking fluids.